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Welcome to Essentialean.com.

Web site users at essentialean.com are required to submit to Terms & Conditions to use this web site (below) and the Legal Notices, to the Privacy Policy and all disclaimers that appear on essentialean.com. The policies of the stores that sell EssentiaLean products may differ significantly from those that apply to your use of essentialean.com.

EssentiaLean reserves the right to incorporate changes to the website, its Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy at any time. Each time you use the website essentialean.com, you must go to and read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Legal updates which are applicable to all its operations and use of this website. If you are not satisfied with the essentialean.com site, its content or Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that discontinuing the use of the website essentialean.com may be your sole and exclusive remedy.

Users are prohibited from copying this site, misrepresenting their own or the identity of any user, se buying agents or commit or attempt to commit any fraudulent activity on this site.

Disclaimer And Limitation Of Liability:

The use of this web site is subject to availability. Neither essentialean.com, its parent company, its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents, nor their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, third party content providers, designers, contractors, distributors, employers nor the like collectively warrant that use of the web site essentialean.com to be uninterrupted or error free. Neither essentialean.com nor its associates warrant the accuracy, integrity or completeness of the content provided on essnetiaslean.com, in the products or services offered on the website essentialean.com.

Furthermore, there are no guarantees that the content provided on the website essentialean.com is applicable to or is suitable for use at locations outside the United States. In particular, EssentiaLean the Company, its associates and essentialean.com are exempting all warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation warranties of title, merchantability and fitness for a defined purpose. No oral advice or written information provided by essentialean.com or its associates shall constitute a warranty. There are some states that prohibit the exclusion or limitation of certain warranties, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Notwithstanding the above explained, neither  essentialean.com  nor its parent or its associates will be liable under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential arising from the use of the website essentialean.com or the inability of use, including but not limited to trust you in any data derived from web site essentialean.com that results in errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion or corruption of the files, viruses, delays in operation or transmission or any malfunction.

The above limitation of liability shall apply to any lawsuit, whether or not a contract, tort or any other lawsuit, even if an authorized representative of EssentiaLean has received notice or should be aware of the potential damages.

The User acknowledges this paragraph shall apply to all content, merchandise and services available through the website essentialean.com. There are some states that prohibit the exclusion or limitation of certain warranties, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This site is designed for users 18 years of age or older.  Essentialean.com web site usage is not recommended for users under 18 years of age. Children should get help from a parent or legal guardian before using this site.

Display / Color Products:

Essentialean.com always tries to show the images that appear on the site as accurately as possible. However, we can not guarantee that the color seen by you is consistent with the current color of the product because the display of color depends, to some extent, the type of monitor you are using.

Our Website Errors:

Prices and availability of products and services on this website, correcting the errors on essentialean.com and changing the prices and products are subject to change without notice. EssentiaLean reserves the right to revoke any offer advertised and to correct any errors or omission, even after you have submitted your purchase order, regardless of whether it was generated prior or after your order, even if your credit card is charged for the full amount of purchase. If we have charged your credit card for the total amount of purchase and you cancel your purchase prior to shipping, essentialean.com will add a credit to your credit card account for the total amount of the charge. The individual policy of your bank will dictate when this amount is credited to your account. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it according to the Returns Policy for essentialean.com.

Pricing Policy:

Usually prices and supply in the website does match prices and deals offered by stores that sell our products, but may vary. Prices and offers are subject to change without notice.

Sales Tax Policy:

Because EssentiaLean conducts its business throughout the national territory of the United States of America and collects and remits sales taxes as required by law, the website also collects and remits essentialean.com the sales tax as appropriate.

Validating Your Purchase:

When you give us an order using our shopping cart and verify the validity of the personal data you provide us through verifying your method of payment or shipping address of the order, we reserve the right to reject any order that you send us and / or restrict the quantities of any order without informing you of the plea. If we deny your request, we will try to inform you of this through the email address you have provided us with your request.

Acceptance And Confirmation Of Orders:
Your e-receipt or any other form of confirmation does not constitute our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute a confirmation of our offer to sell. EssentiaLean reserves the right to accept or decline your order for any reason at any time after receiving your order.

Returns Policy:

All sales made through the website are subject to essentialean.com return policy. For a full explanation of our return policy, please see the "Return Policy."

Order Limitations / Limited Quantities:

EssentiaLean may, in its sole discretion, limit or cancel quantities purchased by individual, household or other. EssentiaLean also reserves the right to reject any order that you send us. These restrictions may be applied to orders placed through the same account on the website myessentialean.com and orders that use the same billing address and / or shipment of your order.

If we make a change that is needed to an order, we will try to inform you via e-mail address and / or billing address you provided when you actually made the purchase. EssentiaLean reserves the right to limit or prohibit the sale of their products or services to anyone at its discretion. If we reject your order, we usually try to inform you of this through the email address you have provided us with your request.

Termination Of Use:

EssentiaLean may, in its sole discretion, terminate your account or your use of the website myessentialean.com at any time. You will be personally liable for any orders made or charges incurred by you prior to cancelation. EssentiaLean reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue all or any aspects of the website essentialean.com without notice.

Our Affiliate Program:

Coming soon.

Returns Policy:

EssentiaLean greatly values its relations with its customers; therefore, it offers a return policy so you can return the products you purchase directly from the site. Under this policy, the processing of any refund or replacement of goods purchased through the website or phone with EssentiaLean must be arranged with EssentiaLean or essentialean.com prior to returning any merchandise to us.

The procedures for the return / replacement products purchased in a retail store must be arranged with the store and not with EssentiaLean.

Under no circumstance we accept returns that are made more than thirty days after purchase.

Please report any damage that has resulted to the product during shipping when you receive the product.

All merchandise must be returned without having been opened, complete with label and in good condition. EssentiaLean applies a charge of 20% restocking fee to all returns.

You are responsible for sending the goods back to EssentiaLean. We recommend purchasing insurance for the goods because any damage to merchandise during shipment will force us to reject it.


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